Coronavirus measures

21st March 2020

Following advice from the Trussell Trust and our Trustees, we are no longer operating from Market Street Church.

This saddens us, as as we pride ourselves on the support we offer there. This will resume again in the future.

If you have a voucher, please ring 097896652209 with the number and we will assist you.

As you can imagine, we are very busy and, as such, cannot guarantee when we will assist you, but we will. Please be patient with us!


Accessing Information and Advice from Citizens Advice Cheshire East

Citizens Advice Cheshire East has suspended face-to-face advice services across all sites and services for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus outbreak. However we are still open and ready to deliver information and advice in other ways. There are a number of ways in which people can continue to obtain advice during this time:

· Citizens Advice Cheshire East is delivering advice by email and phone. If you have an issue you’d like help with direct from us, complete this form
and we will be in touch.

· General advice will be given via the national Adviceline, which people can reach by calling 03444 111 444. This is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

· People can chat online to an adviser by visiting the Citizens Advice website at

· People looking for advice on consumer issues (e.g. issues related to products or services you’ve purchased) can contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133 or chat online to an advisor on our website.

· Anyone seeking to make a new claim for Universal Credit should call the Universal Credit Help to Claim line on 0800 1448444.

N.B. Waiting times for these services may be slightly longer than usual as we adapt to our new patterns of working.


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